Arseniy Yatsenyuk on MH17 attack: This is the crime against humanity

Arseniy Yatsenyuk on MH17 attack: This is the crime against humanity

16:30, 18 липня 2014

Statement of Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk on MH17 attack.

Let me express on the behalf of Ukrainian Government my deep condolences to those innocent who were killed by Russian-led terrorists.

Ukrainian Government has launched a full-fledged and large-scale investigation, and Ukrainian National Aviation Security Agency is to lead this investigation.

We ask all respective Governments to participate in this investigation and to support Ukrainian Government to bring to justice all these bastards who committed this international crime.

This is the crime against humanity. All red lines have been already crossed. This is the deadline.

We ask our international partners to call an emergency UN Security Council meeting and to make everything we can to stop this war – a war against Ukraine, a war against Europe. And after these terrorists shot down a Malaysian aircraft – this is a war against the world.

Everyone has to be accountable and responsible, I mean everyone who supports these terrorists, including Russian Federation and Russian regime.

Ukrainian authorities are still not allowed to get to the crash site. But together with the security forces we will provide the corridor, and Ukrainian experts and international experts will be allowed to hold a vast international investigation.

Ukrainian people mourn all these innocent victims of this terrorist plot.