The war against Ukraine is part of the master plan to reappoint putin in 2024

The war against Ukraine is part of the master plan to reappoint putin in 2024

24 August, 10:31

The war against Ukraine is part-and-parcel of the master plan to reappoint putin in 2024, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the head of the Kyiv Security Forum, Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2014-2016 wrote in the article "Ten Talking Points From a Realist” for the "Ukrainska Pravda" website.

There are no reasons to expect victory over the aggressor any time soon, “as the war against Ukraine enjoys widespread support in russia from a population bent on endorsing hatred and chauvinism.”There is no reason to expect that the victory over the aggressor will happen in the near future," considering that "the war against Ukraine enjoys the large-scale support of a population bent on hatred and chauvinism in Russia," the ex-prime minister wrote.

This fight is for the long haul, he wrote, “and no matter what we are facing”, the Ukrainians should follow several rules. First of all, “we need to remain united, nationwide, when it comes to our Armed Forces”. And rule number two is to "carefully and systematically maintain relationships with our allies”.”

“We need to carefully evaluate and map out the political changes that await us in the international arena over the coming years…We need to put a stop to the emotional outbursts and unnecessary conflicts with our allies and systematically expand the number of like-minded people," the ex-prime minister wrote.

Russia will not fall tomorrow, and formal acceptance into NATO may take a long time, he wrote: “It is my belief that Ukraine’s membership into NATO would have already thwarted russia’s aggressive policy and created conditions for the future liberation of occupied parts of Ukraine”.

In his opinion, there is no alternative to to the collective security enshrined in the Washington Treaty that established the alliance. However, he believes, “prior to Ukraine’s full-fledged NATO membership, the country should receive legally binding guarantees of receiving advanced weapons, training, intelligence, financing, and other indispensable resources to defend itself.”

"These shouldn’t be mere memoranda or statements, they should be long-term bilateral international agreements ratified by our parliaments," Arseniy Yatsenyuk wrote.