Arseniy Yatsenyuk outlined five steps toward Ukrainian victory and a lasting peace - The Atlantic Council

Arseniy Yatsenyuk outlined five steps toward Ukrainian victory and a lasting peace - The Atlantic Council

10:33, 24 August 2023

In his article for The Atlantic Council, the chairman of the Kyiv Security Forum, Prime Minister of Ukraine 2014-16, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, outlined five main elements necessary for Ukraine's victory and achieving sustainable peace.

"Thankfully, there is now a growing consensus throughout the West that only Ukrainian victory can end the global security crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion," he wrote, naming five key elements that would end current war and prevent any repetitions in the years ahead.

"The first element is arming Ukraine sufficiently for victory," said Arseniy Yatsenyuk, adding that Western leaders must overcome their misplaced fear of provoking Putin and should instead seek to streamline the delivery of weapons.

The second element the is strategic deterrence of Russia and creation of a new NATO-centered security architecture in Europe: "There should now be no illusions: NATO alone can provide Europe with a credible and efficient security system. This means NATO membership for Ukraine. ."

"The third element is Ukrainian membership of the European Union and restoration of the Ukrainian economy in close unison with the wider European economy," head of KBF wrote.

The fourth element is undermining Russia’s potential to act aggressively.: "It is hard to assess how long Russia will remain capable of waging the current war, but financial issues will play an important role in any decision-making process."

"The fifth element necessary for a sustainable peace in Eastern Europe is perhaps the most important and at the same time the most intangible. Genuine victory will only be possible when Russian imperialism is no longer a threat to the region," Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized.

"Once Ukraine is liberated and secure under the collective umbrella of NATO membership, the top priority for the international community will be addressing the imperial ideology that encourages Russians to commit acts of international aggression with impunity and contempt for human life," he emphasized.